Tour 2019

Hello lovely people!

We were back on tour again!!


In the beginning of March was our first day back at Habibi.Works where we´ve been staying for almost 4 weeks.

The project is an intercultural makerspace and platform for education, empowerment and encounters. (For more information about the project, please check:

The people coming to Habibi.Works had to flee and are now living in camps and houses in the area of Ioannina. The project believes in people as experts and individuals who can use their personal opportunities to create amazing items and get in contact to others.

One of the first things we´ve done during our time in the project was the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. The volunteers prepared a small exhibition showing some of the most powerful women who are or have been fighting for their rights, who have raised their voices and who have changed the world through their actions and beliefs. The main messages where: Stand up for your rights, empower yourself – you are wonderful the way you are!

The general idea of the project is that adults can us several working areas and have the opportunity to get out of the camp. Children under 5 years and teenagers over 15 can come too.  On Saturday Habibi.Works is making exceptions: It´s KIDSDAY and everybody is welcome in the project. On our first Saturday the little makers made a whole bunch of stuff. “Team Environment” prepared the garden for the summer, others built and colored around 40 smartphone holders. Learning how to ride a bike in the sun was also a lot of fun. The kitchen team prepared around 120 meals at lunch time.

What did we do?

In general everybody is helping everyone! Yet the project is trying to offer as many workshops as possible and therefore every volunteer is responsible for specific working areas. Laura mainly worked in the creative area and has organized a jewelry workshop and some nice bracelets, necklaces and earrings were made by the people. Max had a great time in the kitchen and in the garden (planting seeds and preparing for the spring and summer) and helped wherever a hand was needed. After the basketball hoop broke that we built one and a half years ago, Max sanded and varnished the board before hanging it up again.

Running for freedom of movement:

On Sunday the 31st of March a marathon race from Amaliada to Olympia took place. 18 people of Camp Katsikas and 4 team members of Habibi.Works attended the race. If you want to know more about this wonderful event, please check: ,

Thank you Habibi.Work for having us again! We had a great time with all of you!